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Stupid Kitchen Arguments (Hooray!)

Last night I was at my boyfriend’s apartment, and we were in the kitchen preparing a lovely dinner for two. There were plenty of vegetables involved in the food prep, and the thought that came to mind, and that I voiced aloud as I was chopping carrots for the meal, was: “did you know that […]

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Dressing Your Man

Ladies, when it comes to your man and his outfit choices, tread softly. If your husband/boyfriend/guy you are dating asks your opinion on his choice of clothes give it honestly but gently. They really don’t know. They’re not trying to make you crazy or catch you with a “gotcha” moment. No. They honestly need our […]

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Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Yes, it has come around once again! I love this holiday precisely for the reminder of giving love. That’s it. Simple. Whether you are loving your partner, spouse, child, friend, parent, associate, or every being on this planet. Let’s forgo the chocolates, flowers, and head right to the love! And how about being loving, in […]

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Dating and relationships

How to Stop Going for the Wrong Man

Girls, we know that too many of us get into a long pattern of “going for the wrong man.” Do you think a woman stuck in such a pattern can make the emotional shift out of it? If so, what do you think it takes? This is what my experience has taught me: While the insights […]

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