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Here we go again! #NYFW kicks off today, which will get the ball rolling on an entire month of gorgeous new clothes being displayed on the runways in NY, London, Milan, and the final city, Paris. The whirlwind will end on March 9th – my birthday! The twice annual pret-a-porter fashion shows are an exciting, […]

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Planes are a modern necessity for working and playing all over the globe. As is true for most industries, air travel is a business essential for those who work in fashion; models fly so frequently, they might as well call the clouds their home! While travelling is one of the best parts of a model’s […]

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Here we are two weeks into the New Year and winter is finally showing itself in New York City. Temperatures have dipped from a Christmas day high of 70 degrees to a current 25 degree chill; the wind makes it more like 12 degrees. Brrrrrrr! How does cold weather affect your skin? It dries it […]

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I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I was so outraged when I saw this article this past June. I posted it to my personal Facebook page with the following words: “I have used 100% organic cotton tampons, free of perfume and chlorine, for over 15 years. There are a few companies […]

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Be Comfortable In Your Body – It’s Bathing Suit Season!

Here we are again! July. Summer. Exposed flesh. What comes up for you when you read those last two words? Joy? Anger? Terror? Most of us will choose the third option. Why? Because we are consistently bombarded with advertising that convinces us we are somehow deficient in our physiques. Be it our thighs, belly, upper […]

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Hair in the Humidity

Summer’s here and so is the humidity! We’ve had temperatures hit 90 degrees on several occasions so far and the season has just begun – yikes! What is a girl to do regarding her hair in the treacherous NYC heat? That all depends on what type of hair you have, and how particular you are […]

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Are You a Coffee Drinker?

I am most certainly not. Except for the rare occasion when I indulge while in Europe (I’ll explain), I am not a coffee drinker. Why? Because it makes me jittery and dizzy; caffeine and I are not a good combo at all. That goes for caffeinated tea as well. Most people start their day, and […]

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Stroke Awareness Month on WNBC!

Check me out on NBC 7pm news with Dr. Brockington spreading stroke prevention awareness for Stroke Awareness Month!

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Juicing, Detoxing Post Holidays

The holidays are over, and now it’s time to get back on track with health. For most of us, this means making good choices about what we eat. What better way to get started than with a juicing detox to help give your body the boost it needs? Post-holiday juicing can help to get rid […]

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We do a lot of eating during the holidays, at all the events and parties and dinners. This got me thinking again about the importance of healthy eating. And hey guys, is there anyone out there who still doesn’t know that it’s better to eat “organic” rather than conventional whenever possible? Organic produce is grown […]

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