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apple cider vinegar

A Time-Honored Way to Start the Day for Health and Beauty

I’ll bet that many, if not most, of your “greats” (grandmothers and grandfathers) began their day with a cup of hot water, some sort of vinegar, and honey. It’s a cleansing, tonic, tasty-day opener with no downside. My favorite is apple cider vinegar because it’s a powerhouse of benefits. I also use raw honey for the same reason. […]

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healthy skin in the winter

Beauty Tips: How to Keep Your Skin Healthy During Winter

We all know how skin can dry out in the winter. I can sometimes cut paper with my winter heels! In rooms robbed of moisture by the cold weather and central heating, one’s skin can get so dry it cracks and hurts (also, remember to be grateful if you have heating as many people don’t). […]

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Flashback Friday: Behind the Scenes & Vogue Paris

A look at the behind the scenes hoopla that goes into making us look great. I love the down time with the wonderful hair stylists and makeup artists that are so talented and creative. Well yes…my favorite of all my Vogue covers. It was a March cover, a birthday gift to me!

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Egg Freezing options

Eggs and Fertility: You Have Wildly Disparate Options

I’ve had an amazing and, I must say, disturbing experience in attempting to freeze my eggs to ensure a pregnancy. Today, as many of you are aware, women can have their eggs “harvested” and frozen to help ensure a pregnancy down the line (couples having trouble conceiving can also undergo IVF – in vitro fertilization). […]

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tarte mascara

Beauty Tips: Mascara

Happy New Year! Whether you’ve had a restful holiday season or a busy one, your eyes will need a bit of a boost for the new year. I suggest layering your lashes with three coats of mascara before you go out at night. Lashes always look better with more mascara rather than less. You also […]

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Yoga goal by Claudia Mason

Part Two: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, I’ve shared a series of new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number two. 2.) Practice yoga on a weekly basis. Yes, lovely yoga. I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually renewed after a yoga class. My intention is to practice yoga at least three times a week in 2014. Sounds easy enough, but […]

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Claudia Mason lipstick

Beauty Tips by Claudia Mason

Are you wearing red lipstick tonight for New Year’s Eve? Claudia Mason reveals why you should pay attention to the winter hue when selecting your lipstick color!

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New York City sunrise

Part One: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, I’ll be sharing five new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number one.  1.) Wake up earlier in the new year! I must get up earlier on weekdays. I’ve had enough of sleeping past 8 a.m. Monday-Friday. I have no problem getting up at the crack of dawn when I have to be […]

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