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The First Time I Recall Being Recognized In Public

I’ll never forget it. I was shopping for shoes at Barney’s in NY with a friend and there were a lot of people around since it was during the time of year that the store holds one of their bi-annual sales. I was strapping on a pair of stunning boots, and I heard a female […]

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Finding Your Personal Style

Where do you find your personal style? Online via fashion sites? Do you look to your favorite celebrities for ideas? Do you pick up ideas from street fashion, or perhaps at school or at work? I think we are all influencing each other through the multifaceted ways in which we e-communicate and how we pick […]

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Fake It Till You Make It

I gained a great amount of self-esteem as a model. I had been a shy girl who wasn’t that confident before modeling had entered my life. I had difficulties at home, parental stuff that we all deal with in one way or another. I knew what I wanted in life, but I wasn’t sure how […]

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It’s Makeup Monday and I’m talking Bronzer

It’s Makeup Monday and I’m once again sitting  down with my good friend and celebrity makeup artist Joe Hubrich. Today we’re talking about the benefits and applications of bronzer.

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My Friends Who Are Models and How We Grew Up Together

My college years were spent modeling all over the globe. It was not the typical situation one is in during those few years of their life. Models don’t experience the protection that college offers a person. You are basically thrown into the business world of the ever-moving entertainment industry at 18, and you don’t have […]

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My Mind/Body Prep Regimen Pre-Shoot

Only recently have I incorporated a physical and mental prep before I head to the set. I’m a natural meditator, I’ve enjoyed practicing on and off for years. I’m also a trained dancer, having been in classes since I was 5. But I never really did any sort of warm-up before a modeling job. Until […]

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Don’t Forget To Smell The Roses

I wish I had more fun when I started modeling. Granted, when you’re 14 and thrust into the business world run by adults, it can be tricky to “just have fun.” There is a lot that a young teen has to deal with all at once. Who to trust? What to say and to whom? […]

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My First Experience with a Chaperone as a Teen Model

Oh yes I remember it well. There was another model traveling with us, but she was in her early twenties and didn’t need a chaperone. I had so wanted to trade places with her, ya know, just stick my mom on her and not be thought of as “the kid who needs her mom on […]

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