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Stupid Kitchen Arguments (Hooray!)

Last night I was at my boyfriend’s apartment, and we were in the kitchen preparing a lovely dinner for two. There were plenty of vegetables involved in the food prep, and the thought that came to mind, and that I voiced aloud as I was chopping carrots for the meal, was: “did you know that […]

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Countdown to #FTSIY – Chapter 8 Preview

This chapter of “Finding the Supermodel In You – the Insider’s Guide to Teen Modeling” delves into a controversial- but important- topic I wanted to address honestly and candidly. Check out the preview of Chapter 8 – Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll, and be sure to enter the exclusive pre-order competition on the homepage! […]

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Some Men Aren’t Chasers

Maybe it’s true that most men and boys like to initiate a relationship with a woman (or girl), but there are many who don’t. We females tend to forget that guys are people just like us! They come in a great variety of personality types. Some guys are bolder, some are shyer, and some simply […]

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How to Stop Going for the Wrong Man

Girls, we know that too many of us get into a long pattern of “going for the wrong man.” Do you think a woman stuck in such a pattern can make the emotional shift out of it? If so, what do you think it takes? This is what my experience has taught me: While the insights […]

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