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I just came back from a location shoot in Panama City Beach, Florida, a destination I’ve never been to before, and quite frankly never heard of. I’ve been to Panama City, Panama but not until last week had I set foot onto this part of Florida, in fact this was the first time I was […]

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Well here we are. Hours after the electorate cast their ballots after one of the most contentious campaign seasons in modern history, the resounding boom of their choice was heard loud and clear: Donald Trump, the business man and reality TV star with no prior political experience, is the President elect of The United States […]

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We are living in a selfie-photo obsessed world. Whether you IG, TW, FB or SC you undoubtedly succumb to taking a selfie at least every other day – make that every other hour – and then promptly look for the right filter before you post to your social pages. I’ve become so accustomed to putting […]

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Why do we have to learn some lessons over and over and over again? Recently I was reminded of a phrase that I heard a few years ago: “procrastination is the killer of motivation” – so true. This statement spoke directly to me when I first heard it, and I told myself then that I […]

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Acquiring Skills, Independence, and Connecting with Others

I think it’s a good idea for people to acquire as many skills as possible, including one or two that may not come naturally. For example, I don’t have a natural interest in cooking. That’s aside from the fact that I don’t have that much time in my schedule to put in the couple of […]

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Some Men Aren’t Chasers

Maybe it’s true that most men and boys like to initiate a relationship with a woman (or girl), but there are many who don’t. We females tend to forget that guys are people just like us! They come in a great variety of personality types. Some guys are bolder, some are shyer, and some simply […]

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Yoga goal by Claudia Mason

Part Two: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, I’ve shared a series of new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number two. 2.) Practice yoga on a weekly basis. Yes, lovely yoga. I feel physically, mentally, and spiritually renewed after a yoga class. My intention is to practice yoga at least three times a week in 2014. Sounds easy enough, but […]

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New York City sunrise

Part One: New Year, New Goals

Dear readers, I’ll be sharing five new goals for the new year. Here’s goal number one.  1.) Wake up earlier in the new year! I must get up earlier on weekdays. I’ve had enough of sleeping past 8 a.m. Monday-Friday. I have no problem getting up at the crack of dawn when I have to be […]

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